To summarise

In 2015, a call for planning proposals was held with the set goal of transforming the area from an industrial neighbourhood into a mixed-use settlement. Based on the winning proposal, a strategic framework was established and then submitted to and confirmed by the city’s councils in early 2016.


Dense city region by Sævarhöfði in area 2.

The fully formed neighbourhood is intended to contain up to eight thousand apartments, or around twenty thousand residents, as well as various services and businesses. In line with one of the plan’s major goals, the Cityline will cross through the centre of the area to minimize distances within the city and support Reykjavík’s sustainable urban development.

Planning proposals suggest a mixed-use settlement and a multifaceted housing pattern in accordance with City of Reykjavík policies which stipulate that 20% of all apartments should be rental housing, student housing, right of residence housing and/or senior housing. Reykjavík Social Housing is also allowed to hold up to 5% of properties in the area.

Elliðavogur – area 2

City Line axis on the bridge across Elliðavogur and Elliðaá. The region in area 2 is seen in the distance.

The construction of three new primary schools is planned for the district in its final form, as well as a swimming pool at the area’s northern end, facing Elliðaárvogur. A culture centre is also planned on Krossamýrartorg, which will become a sort of centre for the district, with a connection point to the Cityline and a variety of shops, services and recreational resources.

Construction costs due to the area’s development can be found in the city’s five-year finance and investment plan. Construction is set to begin in 2021.

Phase division of land use plans

Plan delineation of the entire area, showing the phase division of land use plans.

Land use plan phases

The land use plans for this extensive development project is divided into the following phases:

Land use plan phase 1. – Krossamýrartorg (preliminary introduction underway)

Land use plan phase 2. – Sævarhöfði (preliminary introduction underway)

Land use plan phase 3. – Expansion of Bryggjuhverfi (plan confirmed)

Land use plan phase 4. – Sævarhöfði, north

Land use plan phase 5. – Krossamýrartorg, north

Land use plan phase 6. – Malarhöfði, Þórðarhöfði

Land use plan phase 7. – Þórðarhöfði, Breiðhöfði